Monday, January 27, 2014

Action Wobble

Hello on this cold evening.  It is currently 1 degree Fahrenheit, with wind chill it feels like eighteen below.  Cold, cold, cold.  But it is the perfect time to play in my craft room.

I purchased the turtle set from Treasure Box a couple of weeks ago.  I traced it and cut it without resizing it.  I knew it would be big but I didn't think it would be as big as it was.  Even big, he is just adorable. 

I cut out three of them.  When I do the other two, I want to change the color on the back of the words.  I don't know what color I am going to change it to, but I don't like the teal.   Maybe black or dark green or blue.

I bought wobbles almost two years ago and I have never used them.  I didn't to put one on the back of the turtle's head.  It is just so cute, wobbling.  I am going to need more wobbles.  I am going to enter the card into the Action Wobble challenges.  The theme is Unique Pets.  I think a turtle with ear muffs will qualify.

Off to put the other two together.  I will try to come back tonight with something new.

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