Saturday, February 1, 2014

Favorites of the Month

I thought I would take a moment and review what has been a great month.  I ended up with 26 post for January, which is really good.  I hope to continue this all year.

I did quite a few challenges and was picked for two top 3/5.  I do the challenges for the inspiration but it is always nice when some one recognizes one of your cards.  So thank you to both blogs that picked my card.

Now for some of my favorite cards.  I am only picking 5.

It was hard just picking 5 cards.  I started to pick a honorable mention, but I left it at these 5.  I really like most of my cards this month.

My crafting goals for February are:
   1) Continue to enter challenges
   2) Have 25 post for the month
   3) Send more card to OWH
   4) Stay on top of my projects
   4) Keep craft table clean

I hope you have a great weekend and upcoming month.

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