Saturday, October 26, 2013

Project Life

I have been looking at the Project Life kits for some time.  I thought I would start one at the first of the year.  I look the idea of a picture a day but I have never been real good at staying current.  I thought Project Life would make it easier.  I decided a couple of weeks ago to go ahead and start an album.  It hasn't been easy but I am doing pretty good.  I have my first page done.

I am doing mine a little different.  Instead of a two-page spread, I am doing one page.  If there is a big event and I need more space, I will go to a two-page spread then. 

I figured if I started it now, I could use some of my fall and Christmas pictures.  But it will give me time to get a habit formed.  I hope it will get easier as time goes along.

I forgot to take a picture of the beginning page.   I will take a picture of it tomorrow.  I am having trouble with week 41.  I didn't take good notes that week.  Week 42 and 43 are just about finished.  I want to finish both of them next week, so that I will only have to do a page a week.

Wish me luck.  This is a big undertaking for me.

Have a good night.

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