Monday, March 3, 2014

Babies, again

Hello.  Two more baby cards and I am finished with them for a while. 

The first one is the rocking horse card.  I didn't like the card as much because it was welded together at the bottom of the rocker.  So you can't even set it up on a table.  I picked a darker paper and I think it would have been better with a pale blue or brown.

The second card is a blue onesie with a small truck on the front.  This card is just adorable.  I did change the pattern a little bit.  The card was much too big for me.  I like standard A2 size.  So I decreased the size and then  duplicated, flipped
and welded two together.  Instead of cutting two pieces and gluing them together. 

Now I just need to buy the gifts for the baby showers.

Hopefully I will be back later with some more new projects.  Have a great sunny afternoon.

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