Saturday, March 1, 2014

Favorites of the Month

Once again, it is time to look back at the past month.  I had 29 post this month.  I was shocked when I noticed this.   I thought I had at least one slow week, but I obviously made up for the slow times.

I did some challenges.  Not as many as I was doing.  I think it is time to re-evaluate and decide how many challenges I want to do.  I was picked as a winner in to challenges and picked for the top 3 in another challenge.  I will continue to do challenges.   They inspire me to stamp outside the box at times, and I need that.  I tend to make similar cards without the challenges.

Picking my 5 favorite cards, this month, is almost impossible.

I hope the coming month brings some warmer weather.  It will be a little early for spring but I hope we get some signs that it isn't too far away.

Enjoy your weekend.

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