Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Rainy Day

Hello.  It has been rainy here all day.  Usually on rainy days, I read and play around in my craft room.  I haven't felt really good today.  Coming off a three day migraine. 

So I thought I would organize a little bit.  Something without a lot of thought.  I decided to figure out a better way to store my Trendy Twine.  I love how they send it in little bundles but I always seem to end with a knot. 

I went into my Designer Studio for my Silhouette to see what I could come up with.  I found these admit one tickets.  I deleted every thing out of the middle and just cut the shape.  Then I glued the Trendy Twine label to the bottom and cut a slit.  From there all I had to do was wrap my twine on. 

This makes it so much easier.  I just hang them on my shelf and they are easy to get to.  So you will be seeing the  twine more often.

Have a great afternoon/evening and I might be back later with a cute little gift bag.

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