Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Queen & Co

Hello and happy hump day.   Today was the first day back at school.  The adults were all ready to be back (mostly) but the kids not so much. 

It was super cold outside and the week only promises to get colder.  I think our high today was a single digit.  And the wind chill made it below 0.  Such is the fun of living in the northern United States.

My project today is a card/kit, I got from Queen & Co back during the summer.  I hadn't taken the time to put it together.  I like the little camera.  Too cute.  Plus it is a shaker and I just love shaker cards.  I wonder who will get it......

 I like all of the glitter, but if I make more, I won't use as much glitter.  Maybe just on the camera lens and the strip across the camera.  Plus I won't do to something different in the background.

 Well off to work on some other things.  Have a great night and if you are in the middle of this cold front, please stay warm.

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