Saturday, January 13, 2018

Snow Day - Official Over

Hello again.   I did make it back tonight (or is it morning since it is now 1:30 am).  Here is the picture of my cleaned off table.  As I said earlier, I didn't get every thing done but the table looks clean and I have room to work now.

I left my next few projects on my work area. 
     1)   I want to put the candy on the snowman toppers.  I need them for next Saturday. 
     2)   I made the cute little Doodlebug coffee cups and I need to use them.
     3)   I saved the circles from the swing card and I thought I would use the bear and make some Christmas tags.
     4)   I want to make a couple of the Valentine's cards.

I don't think I will get any thing done tomorrow.  My husband and I are going to be out and about tomorrow.  Just spending the day together.

Chat with you later.  Have a good night.  Sleep tight and don't let those bed bugs bite.

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