Saturday, January 6, 2018

Valentine's, here we come

Hello.  I hope every one is enjoying their weekend.   It is still majorly cold here but I am just hanging out inside.

I have a couple of projects to show you.  Sorry I didn't get them posted daily.  I started this on Wednesday and finished it Thursday afternoon, but we had company and I didn't get it posted Thursday night.  So here it is.

I am quite proud of it.  I saw the tutorial for it over on Brigit's Scraps.  Before seeing the tutorial, I would have just made a box and put it between to two kisses.  But I followed the tutorial and added the box to the kiss.  

When the tutorial starting talking about editing points, I had some trouble and couldn't get it to work so I just drew the lines and made the box.  Then I welded it together.  I can't tell you how exciting it is to get this to work. 

The box is just a simple one but I learned a few thing along the way, so you will see me doing more of these.

I am off to work on dinner and then I will be back with another project.  Have a great evening.

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