Friday, January 12, 2018

Snow Day

Hello.  How are all of you.?  It is a snow day here in Adrian.  I spent the morning finishing a book and straighten the bedroom and bath.  Now I am in my craft room.  It is a mess.   I have so many projects to finish up.

Here is a picture of my table.  I am determined to get in cleaned off and several of the projects finished and moved off the table.   So come back off and on today and see what kind of progress I make.  Plus hopefully, I will have several projects to show you.

I have finished the skating bear so I am going to clean up all of that mess and then move on to a step card using the same
stamp set.  I don't usually do that but I have several cards I want to make with this set.  Usually I put the set up and tell myself I will come back to it.  Sometimes I do and others I don't so I am just going to make the cards now.

Have a great afternoon.  Chat with you all in a little while.

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