Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What I am working on

Hello.  I hope everyone had a great day.  It was another one of those so so days.  I need to make a few new cards and I am going to work on that next.  However, at the beginning of the week, I set out 3 unfinished projects that I wanted to get done this week.  This is the second one.  I am going to try to finish the other one tomorrow. I also want to mail out some cards to family and friends.

I started this card several weeks ago (here is the original post).  As always I made one and never finished the rest.  Now they are done finally.  It has been so long that I couldn't remember the colors I used.  It took me a little while before I figured it out.  So each card is different.

One more project to do.  Chat with you later.

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